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A picture is hidden beneath a quantity of randomly placed letter tiles. The letters on these tiles come from a mystery answer (a phrase, name, saying or quotation, etc.) which relates directly to the hidden picture.

Each time you click a letter tile, the tile is removed and its letter is places in the answer. This also reveals a portion of the picture.

One letter position in the mystery answer has a blinking question mark (?). You score points when you successfully guess (click) a correct letter for this position. If you guess every letter correctly, first to last, your perfect solution will earn exactly 100,000 points!

Don't worry about guessing incorrectly at the beginning of the game as you uncover a portion of the picture. You'll usually need to see a bit of the picture before you have an inkling of its solution. Good Luck!
Your goal is to score as many points as possible while filling in the missing letters in a mystery answer. The mystery answer (a phrase, name, quotation, etc.) relates to a picture which is hidden beneath a quantity of letter tiles.
Each time you click a letter tile, the tile is removed from on top of the picture and the tile's letter is placed in the answer. You see more of the picture and have a better chance of identifying the exact mystery answer.

The answers first available letter position (unanswered) has a blinking question mark "?". You score points when you guess (click) the correct letter for this position. Guessing the letter with the question mark is ALWAYS your goal.
The perfect score for every game is 100,000 points. Each correctly guessed letter adds to your score. As different puzzles have varying numbers of letter, the value of a correct guess will vary from puzzle to puzzle. But a perfect puzzle will always be exactly 100,000 points.

The earlier you identify the answer while playing the puzzle, and you begin guessing correctly each and every time, the higher your score will be. At this point, you won't really be guessing at all.

Since Picturiffic(tm) has no clock, identifying the answer early means in the fewest clicks. In fact, you'll score higher by looking at the layout of the answer letters and pondering a bit before every "early" guess.
Picturiffic(tm) may be played with the mouse of the keyboard.

When you play with the mouse and click the letter tiles one-by-one, you control which individual letter tile will be removed, and which section of the picture will be uncovered.

When you use the keyboard, you will NOT control which of the several tiles will be removed from on top of the picture when there are several tiles with the same letter. It is random.
Take your time at the beginning of the game and examine the picture and the answer layout carefully after each and every letter tile removal. If you identify the answer just one tile earlier than someone else, your score will be significantly higher.

Use the mouse early in the game. Once you know the answer, switch to the keyboard.
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It's like hangman with a visual clue! The goal is to guess the mystery phrase by clicking the letters on the board and revealing the picture beneath to help your prediction. Each incorrect guess deducts points from your score. But don't worry! As the image is revealed, the guessing gets easier. Conquer a new puzzle every day to earn coins and rank points! Play this Picturiffic(tm) puzzle today and every day!
Game Suitbale for All Ages
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