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Questions About Stuff

Questions About Stuff is a game where you find out what you really know by answering trivia questions, while forming Slingos
The first thing to do is to look at the credits button, so you know the fine folks that brought you this great game. Then you need to choose a character that you are going to play as; you'll be able to play as the Joker, Devil, or Cherub.
Once the game starts you're presented 25 questions from categories of Entertainment, Music, Movies, TV, Geography, Science, Business, Sports, Food and Drink, and the ever challenging Miscellaneous. Select a square with a question that you want to try and answer. Once the question appears, you'll have 30 seconds to answer it. If you answer the trivia question correctly, you'll get 200 points, and an extra 10 points for each second remaining. If you get the question wrong, well, there's no reward for that, and remember the old saying, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!" After you answer the question, you'll see that if you answered correctly, you'll have a green check mark in the box that you selected. However, if you got it wrong, there's going to be a red X in the box. Now this game wouldn't be too much fun if we were just going to ask you twenty-five questions now, would it? You're going to want to get five of those green check marks in a row, column or diagonal for a Slingo. When you get one of these, you'll be awarded 2500 points!
Now, unlike the team that worked on this game, you're not always going to be right. Unfortunately wrong answers are going to prevent you from making Slingos. If you answer several questions wrong, you'll see some of the squares turn gray, this is because even if you answered these questions correctly, they wouldn't help you form any Slingos. The more questions you're not able to answer, the quicker your game is going to end. If you answer questions correctly in a row, you're going to see additional bonuses, and the longer your streak is, the bigger the bonus gets. The game is over when you are unable to answer any more questions that can be used to form Slingos.
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You're the Star in Questions About Stuff! We know you've secretly harbored an ambition to win a game show for ages - who hasn't? But even if you get on the air, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, over and done before you really get to enjoy yourself. That's why we've brought you Questions About Stuff, the free trivia game that lets you star in your own game show any time you like! As you've probably already guessed, the name of the game says it all. When you play Questions About Stuff, you'll be asked questions that are about... well... stuff! You can choose from five multiple-choice answers on each question, and two difficulty levels to choose from. Pick easy mode (which doesn't award as many points) if you're just testing the waters, or pick difficult if you're a master Slingologist and you're ready to win mountains of points. Questions About Stuff is a Slingo game, too, so we've tossed in bonus Sponsor coins for you to find. You can also get stacks of extra bonus points for correctly answering five questions about stuff in a row (they can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal). Prove you're the ruling Know-It-All by correctly answering every question on the board and you'll be doing your favorite kind of math - adding even more points to your score and winning more Slingo coins! So go dig that thinking cap out of the closet and put it on, then come play Questions About Stuff. Prove how much of a trivia whiz you are!
Game Suitbale for All Ages
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