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Roni Blocks

Roni Blocks is a puzzle style game in which you must clear the board of as many blocks as possible to maximize your score.
When the game begins, you will be given a choice of 3 different size blocks to choose from. As the size gets smaller, the game gets progressively more difficult, so pick the one that best suits your skill level in the game. Since the game board is the same size regardless of what size blocks you pick, the smaller the blocks are, the more that will fit on the game board allowing you to maximize your score. The position of the blocks is randomly generated each time you play the game so you never play the same game twice.
The idea of the game is to clear as many blocks as possible. To clear blocks from the game board, simply click on any 2 or more blocks of the same color which are adjacent to each other (but not diagonal). The more blocks that you clear at the same time, the more points you will receive. In other words, try to clear the largest amount of blocks at the same time for a larger score.
The game is over when you either clear the board, or when there are no 2 blocks of the same color adjacent to each other. Your score is recorded to at the end of each game.
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Clean Up On Points With Roni Blocks! Poor little baby Roni has made a terrible mess with her blocks, and she needs your help to clean it all up again! Roni Blocks is Slingo's mind-bending color-matching game where you need to clear as many blocks off the screen as you can. In Roni Blocks you can only put away blocks if two or more of the same color are stacked with their edges touching (corners don't count here). Click on them to clear them off the board, and the remaining blocks will move down and over to replace them. The more blocks you can put away in each move, the more points you'll earn, so be sure to take a close look at the blocks you're clearing and plan each move to stack up a towering high score! Choose from three sizes of blocks to use in Roni Blocks - the smaller the blocks, the more fit on the board at once, and the more points there are to win. (Though if you're new to Roni Blocks, you should start with the big blocks to get a good feel for toddling before you try to run.) The game is over when you get Roni's whole room cleaned up - or if you just can't put any more blocks away, so be careful to get as many blocks as you can. There's no time limit, so you can afford to take a good look at the board and plan out your moves carefully. So won't you help a sweet little baby out? Roni and her blocks are waiting for you, and we just know you've got what it takes to sweep her room until it shines. Cleaning up has never before been so much Slingorific fun!
Game Suitbale for All Ages
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