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Spell Bugs Daily Challenge

To play Spell Bugs, select 1 letter from each column from left to right to form words. Click enter to submit your word or to refresh the board and get new letters. Keep your eye out for the bugs that will either give you point multipliers or get in your way.

Each day has a different theme, with three Daily Challenge words. Find all the Daily Challenge words, but remember you will only know the theme! Get a Daily Challenge hint when you hit 100,000 points!
Lady Bug – Use letters in the Lady Bug's path and their point value will be doubled.

Caterpillar – Watch out for the Caterpillar. The Caterpillar will wrap up in a cocoon and block a tile until you can crack it open and release the Butterfly. Do this by using letters adjacent to the cocoon.

Spider – The Spider will drop a web over 4 tiles. Those letters will stay the same and not be affected by a board clear, until you use them.

Firefly – The Firefly will land on a tile and triple its point value for 20 seconds.
As you make words, Maggie's sun flower will grow. When the flower is full grown it will double the entire boards value.
Without any multipliers, each letter has a set point value. Values are:
a = 1,000
b = 2,000
c = 3,000
d = 2,000
e = 1,000
f = 4,000
g = 2,000
h = 4,000
I = 1,000
j = 8,000
k = 5,000
l = 1,000
m = 3,000
n = 1,000
o = 1,000
p = 3,000
q = 10,000
r = 1,000
s = 1,000
t = 1,000
u = 1,000
v = 4,000
w = 4,000
x = 8,000
y = 4,000
z = 10,000
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Help Maggie grow her garden by finding hidden words in this Daily Challenge Game!
Game Suitbale for All Ages
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