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Twiki Gems

How to Play - Playing Twiki Gems (Rules)
Harness the rare Thunder Gems by matching 5 gems in a row, removing them from the board and releasing their power into the valley below.

Once you make a match, clear a gem off the board. The objective of Twiki Gems is to make as many matches as possible, before you run out of room on the game board.
Twiki the Toucan
Keep an eye out for Twiki, the majestic, all-powerful, and highly energetic protector of the rainforest. He will help you, Gem Seeker, on your epic quest to restore balance to this jungle valley.
Daily Challenges and Power-Ups
Every day, Twiki Gems will feature a new Daily Challenge Score and a new line-up of fun, game-changing power-ups.

Hit the Daily Challenge Score to receive big Rank Point and Coin Jackpots and be sure to come back every day to check out new power-up combinations!
Gems and Coal
Periodically throughout the game, pieces of coal will show up. Make a 5-gem match to clear the coal, because you can't make a match with 5 pieces of coal, and the coal is largely worthless. Plus, each time you bump coal, there's a chance you'll create a diamond from the rough coal and receive bonus points!

Coal is a very common material in Twiki Gems, but a number of gems are very rare. While Rubies and Topaz are very common, Amethyst and Diamond are much rarer! The rarer the gem, the more points you'll get from placing it on the board and making a 5-gem match.

Coal - Common. 0 Points for Placement, Cannot Make a 5-Gem Match.

Ruby - Common. 100 Points for Placement, 250 Points for a 5-Gem Match.

Topaz - Uncommon. 200 Points for Placement, 500 Points for a 5-Gem Match.

Emerald - Uncommon. 300 Points for Placement, 750 Points for a 5-Gem Match.

Sapphire - Rare. 400 Points for Placement, 1,000 Points for a 5-Gem Match.

Amethyst - Rare. 500 Points for Placement, 1,250 Points for a 5-Gem Match.

Diamond - Very Rare. 750 Points for Placement, 1,875 Points for a 5-Gem Match.
You can also score points in the following ways:
Turning Coal into Diamond: 1,000 Points
Lucky Gems: Doubles the value of a specific gem type.
Gem Bounty: Receive points for each of that gem type on the board.
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The valley of Chichen Itza has fallen under a devastating drought and it's up to you to bring life-giving rain back to the jungle. Harness the power of the mystical Thunder Gems to help the rainforest grow back, before the ecosystem hits the tipping point, and this rare wonder of nature is lost forever. Play every day to try new power-ups and new challenge scores. Be sure to stay tuned to for more Twiki Gems fun, coming soon!
Game Suitbale for All Ages
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