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Do you want everyone to know what a loyal, talented, and good-looking citizen of the Slingo Kingdom you are? Of course you do! That's why we've created Player Rank, or what we like to call Sling-Status, a great way to show the world how much you love Slingo!
Your Sling-Status is based on points. As you earn more points, you'll gradually climb up the ladder. The higher you go, the more fancy your rank symbol will become. You'll start out with the numbers 1 through 99, but as you move up, you'll earn an open star, a filled star and a shiny star – or maybe even one of the very top spots, which get the Slingo characters like the Cherub, the Pirate, the Devil and the lovable, bouncy Slingo Joker! How high do you think you can go?
You can earn points for doing a lot of different things around, like playing games, inviting friends, or entering any one of our exciting sweepstakes or contests. Check out our easy cheat sheet to see how many rank points you'll earn just by having fun!
You'll be able to see your Sling-Status on your profile page, on the Sling-Status ladder page, or anywhere your profile picture is shown. Everyone can see how you're doing, and you can check in to see how fast your friends are earning rank points, too, by checking out their profile pages, or by searching the Sling-Status ladder.
The Sling-Status ladder shows the top 10 ranked Slingo-Status players per page, though you can flip pages to see further up and down when you're curious.
Get started earning Sling-Status points right now by having some Slingtastic fun. You'll be at the top of the ladder before you know it!
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